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"If I could have everyone’s attention, please? I’d like to make a little announcement."

Smallville Deleted Scene: 5x22 “Vessel” - Lex inside Zod’s ship

Smallville premiered on October 16 2001

"Clark. Before you unload your anger on me can I just say that I think it is incredibly unfair that everyone trusts me to keep their secrets then they turn around and they throw me attitude for keeping somone else’s secret."

"You claimed you saw my car swerving out of control, so you jumped in front of it to save me with your superpowers. But when I jerked the wheel, my Porsche flipped end over end and wrapped around the guardrail."

Rest in Peace Lee Thompson Young (Cyborg from Smallville)

"Promise me that we will see each other again."

"What is your connection to this man, Mr. Luthor? What was in the steel case he gave you?"